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When you shop Rachel’s Closet, you do amazing things!! You help give back to our mission to encourage women! 


“We are a Christ-centered ministry committed to encouraging, uplifting, supporting, and equipping all women with HOPE through outreach and loving community.”


*We seek to be a caring resource for women who are going through difficult life circumstances. 

*We exist to help identify and meet the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs within the community of women we serve.  

*We are inspired to give back through a variety of ways, calling women out of isolation and into loving community.  Check out what we do below! 


 By:  Amanda Hedin, Widowed Mom
“If you’re a mom and anything like me, you likely don’t get enough time to yourself. My husband died in January and I’ve struggled with finding time for myself.”



A customer of Rachel’s Closet, Betsy, saw a feature on Rachel’s Closet Facebook page to nominate someone they felt deserving of a blessing project.  Betsy acted right away by entering her recently widowed friend, Amanda, for this project.  A Rachel’s Closet blessing project consist of an after hours free styling and outfit for a special woman needing encouragement.

Amanda walked out with a cute outfit, but more importantly,
her hope was renewed. 

Amanda Hedin is a widowed mom of two beautiful daughters ages 10 and 2 1/2 years. Yes, she’s thick in the toddler phase asking “Do you have to go potty” about 65 times per day. Amanda lost her best friend and husband Scott in January 2020. Amanda is learning to trust God and deepen her relationship with him because as is the reminder on her phone at 6:00 am everyday, “God, I can’t do this on my own.”


Contact us below to nominate a woman in need of our BLESSINGS PROJECT


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